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Re: White Coat readings even at home?

I think if you suspect white coat syndrome you have two choices -- just forget about it or try medication (e.g. a small dose of a beta blocker) and see what happens. I always get high readings at the doctors but i'm pretty much normal at home. Most docs ignore this information. Infact even without any meds i was running 100/60 last night! (normally i'm about 120/70 at home) yet when i visited my doc today i was 160/100 and she insisted i should be on 50mg of atenolol .. what am i to do?? obviously if she tested my pressure as 100/60 there is no way she would pump 50mg of atenolol into me. i think it's quite a dilema how to treat labile hypertension like this ... no doubt 'hot responders' like us ......... i get light headed on beta blockers but even on meds my pressure leaps up in the doctors office! using an ambulatory monitor my pressure was up and down all day. hard to know how to treat this.

Ultimately the choice is yours -- your doc my press you to take meds as otherwise he might be accused of 'neglecting' your health and he doesn't have many other options. You can choose not to follow his advice and seek other solutions. In the end don't get mad with your doctor he is just following protocol. If you disagree with him get a second opinion and if you still disagree with that treat yourself. Your health is your own business.