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Re: Anyone here with Renal Artery Stenosis

Hi Ruth,
I also have what I believe is called Renal Artery Stenosis. In 1999 my BP was 240/140 and so I went to emergency with stroke like symptons. One of the things they found was a blockage in my right renal artery. After a angiogram they dediced to do a angioplasty. The procedure was successfull but the BP continues to be very sporadic. Last month I had a procedure called a Duplex scan which I believe is a new scan that is non invasive and replaces the angiogram. The results showed some blockage but not as bad as before and at this point my nephrologist is not suggesting a angioplasty. After the last procedure I was told to take one aspirin 365mg a day which I did for about a year but because of constant bruising I stopped the aspirin and the bruising stopped. I take vasotec, norvasc and a diuretic. However, I do believe when my BP soars it's due to stress.