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Re: Blood pressure and exercise

okay let me try and answer all of your questions. i admit there are some stressful things going on in my life. first of all i'm getting married on june 2; i know only a couple weeks left. second, i'm not totally happy about my job right now, but it's not really that bad. now let me add that i don't ever feel like i'm totally stressed out if you know what i mean. i don't loss any sleep at night or sit around worrying about everything, i'm generally quit cool with stressful situations. besides i spent 4 years in Army Infantry and never had a problem with bp, but i realize that i was a little younger. i'm 27 now.
answers to connie
1. family genetics is a hard one because i have never met my real father (that's what really scares me), but it doesn't seem to be on my mother's side.
2. i guess i've kind of answered your second question
answers to speedgal
1. no i have not been taking anything to help weight lose (don't really believe in them)
2. my pressures have been taken in a doctors office, but i never had a problem with that before. note: i tried someone's home electronic device and my blood pressure was good on it, but how can i be sure that it is accurate, and is there any recommendations on a home device that i might want to buy and is it really accurate.

well i know i'm giving you an ear full and i appreciate your time. i just don't want anything to ruin my chances to go to flight school, and according to them your bp should be below 140/90. wouldn't it figure that i'm right on the borderline or slightly above. thanks for the replies, and keep them coming.

i will probably have more questions down the road. i have a doctor's appointment this friday, so we'll see how things are going.<p>[This message has been edited by jjhoff (edited 05-16-2001).]