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Re: Blood pressure and exercise

About 6 months ago I was diagnosed with high BP after always having below normal, to normal all my life! Yes I was going through a lot of illness within the family and was also ill myself from taking cholesterol meds. I bought the Omron self inflateable machine, had it to the drs. office to check it out, and it was quite accurate. They put me on Altace, first 2.5 mgs. then 5 mgs. Now that I have been feeling better and things are getting better within the family, I get very low readings at home, like 107-123 over 69-81, but when I went to the dr. last wekk, it was 150/100?? She is a new dr. to me, and she think s it was severe white coat syndrome. I have to see her in a few weeks, so she asked me to bring the machine in and recheck it, and to still closely monitor my home readings. Like I said, I never had a reading even in a drs. office over 130/75 before, so it is a mystery to us all. Good luck. JJ