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Re: Diastolic rising to above 110

It is possible that you have HBP. However, I can assure you that taking your BP - whether it is at home or at the doctors will in itself cause your BP to rise dramatically. At the doctors office, my BP is always 155/100 first reading. At the end of my appointment, the doctor will take it again and it will be something like 128/93 (still unacceptable by medical standards). At home, my first reading is 140/90. Immediately afterward it is 130/85 or lower. My advice is to purchase an OMRON self-inflatable. Take you BP 2-3 times daily - always around the same time of day. Sit in a chair comfortably with a backing on it and wait 5 minutes. Concentrate on taking DEEP breaths. Measure it once. Measure it twice. Record the reading. Do this for two months. This will give you a fairly accurate indication. Perhaps you can work on controlling anxiety thru therapy or perhaps your doctor can discuss medicating you to control anxiety which may help with your BP. DK