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Post diagnosis and Geodon: What they arent telling me
Hi Everyone, I am new to the board. Back in early March had a incident at work, diagnosed by shrink having Severe Chronic PTSD, then additional diagnosis followed Severe Panic attacks and Agorophobia.

First he was going to prescribe zybrex, because I am a diabetic he decided against it and put me on Geodon, which i think is great and should be put in the drinking water, two questions, 1) The Shrink won't tell me but I think he has diagnosed me Schizophrenia, based on above history and medications would you all tend to agree.

Question Number 2: And it is Complex

What I read about these drugs is that they are atypical antipsychotic durgs.

They are Working.

If you are responding with this kind of Atypical antipsychotic medication, does that indicate that you do in fact have a psycotic disorder, meaning if If a Mentally normal person were take Geodon or other similar medications, would there be no affect to there personality. I know this is a heavy duty question but know you guys/gals probably know if anyone would.

Lastly, is it quite possible I will never be able to return to work in Law Enforcement, ie. Geodon type of medication ?


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