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Ok, I can commisserate on many of those issues. First off, I dont like being preggers. I like to dress a certain way and maternity clothes just make me feel dumpy. And for the love of God, I dont want any more stretch marks!!!! I can deal with what I have, but if I get more I will be upset. And I worry about getting my figure back, my breasts sagging, and the state of my body all the time lately. You can see all my veins, Im bruising easily, my neck is starting to feel puffy, my belly button is popping out--I so do not feel attractive!!!! Also, my hubby and I just got married, and we struggle to find alone time as it is. We are crazy about each other, and wish we had more time to date, and just be around each other. Now we have a baby on the way and I fear we will never have time for each other anymore. I go to bed early cause Im soooo tired, and that cuts into alot of our time right there. Ive been pregnant since we got married and Ive been hormonal and sick as heck. And of course, the money is tight, but we can afford this. We just wont be cruising around in new cars for another year or 2. We are making alot of sacrifices. Ive said a million times that if we had planned this, I would have gotten preggers after at least a year of being married. But I think when all is said and done, we will probably look back someday and not want to change a thing.