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Re: HELP!!!!!!!!!!

I'm sorry if I gave the idea that I'm not happy about the baby. My hubby and I got preg. 2 months after being married. We still go out every other weekend and spend time together even though he works 12-16 hours 5 days a week as a restaurant manager. We have enough money for the second baby...I just really wanted encouragement from other moms with more than one baby. One way I keep my son happy is to let him in the bathroom when I'm getting sick...he thinks the noises are cool!! In regards to the one who left the top message...all those marks will fade away and you can lose the weight. You will wear nice clothes again. But you will miss being able to do things one handed and sleeping in. Most of all you will miss feeling the baby kick and one will want to do it all over again.

Smile, life doesn't last that long.