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Re: Allusivepond....

Hey shortstuff,

You could say we never really began to try, I skipped a month on my pills but for some reason it didn't work and my period came in the middle of my cycle (only by a few days). Anyway because of this I went off bc as I had to wait until my next cycle to resume taking, which was on the 6th of January.

I was due for AF on Monday 3rd Feb. But she didn't show. <IMG SRC=""> At first I was freaked and went to visit doc as all my HPT kept saying -, so I wanted a blood test but doc said wait a month and see if she appears.

Judging by your stopping date we stopped around the same time, you never know we could conceive at the same time and be pregnant together. <IMG SRC="">

So now I play the waiting game AGAIN.

Let us know how you go