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Re: 12 year old daughter with High Blood Pressure and protein in her urine

Thank you for your reply.Dont worry about how long it took to respond..We all have our own things going on and I hope things are ok with you..

I am not exactly sure why they are sending her to Cardio first..I think they just want to make sure everything is good with her heart first.. Kayla is an active child but she does not do any "regular exercise" so I wouldnt think that would be a reason for her protein..Her school nurse checked her BP yesterday and it was consistant with the others 137/83.. I am going to ask them to do an ultrasound of her kidneys..I am not sure why they havent just done it..

What is Polycystic Kidney disease?..I am sorry that you and your son have to go through any of what you are going through..I feel helpless for both my children..

Take care.. I look foward to talking with you again real soon