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Ok I have to rant about the last 2 days

I really wonder what is wrong with my family. Ok I am not close to my mom and I met my dad when I was 15 so I am not that close with him either. I found out I needed to go to the hospital b/c I was dehydrated and have an upper respiratory tract infection. I am very prone to getting bronchitis b/c I have asthma and I had a temp. of 101.5-102.3 all day. So, I called my stepmom and asked her to watch my son..she said fine. After they hooked me up to the IV I called to check onhim..he was crying..I told them give him something for his teething pain. They said ok. I got a shot of Demerol and the docs sent me home. They said don't drive and stay on bed rest for 24-48 hours. Well, my stepmom said she would keep my son all night. My hubby told them I might be able to drive at by 10 to come and get him but he was doubtful. My hubby called at 9:30 to tell them he would pick my son up when he got off work at 2:00 if they needed him to or they could keep him all night like planned. Well, my dad called my hubby at work and told him to call me and tell me to get off my lazy a$$ and come get my child and that I needed to learn to take responsiblity and that he has taken care of his kids when he was sick. Now, my dad has NEVER taken care of any of his kids. He beat my ex stepmom while she was preg. with my brother was born early and died. Then he has a kid that he doesn't know if it is his or not. Then he has my baby sister who he never took care of I DID. Now he has my baby brother who he NEVER takes care of all he does is sleep!! And he never took care of me..never paid child mom took care of me. Where does this man get off?? When I got preg. with my son he got a wild hair up his booty and called me and told me he could care less if I lived or died and to leave him alone..for no reason. He feels he can keep doing this to me over and over again. NOT AGAIN. My hubby and I agreed this was his last chance. But, I love my stepmom to death. What now?? Oh if you are wondering if I drove the 45 min trip to get my son while on Demerol..yes I had to. And my dad livs in the country and I go on backroads and crap. And I sitter lined up for today..her mom had a heart attack(so of course I understand) and I calle danother one and she said she'd watch him and never showed up. So, I'm sick, tired, have a headache and have a teething child. Hubby won't be home to take over until about 3:30-4:00 in the morning. Ugg!! I need a vacation!!

Smile, life doesn't last that long.

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