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Re: Ok I have to rant about the last 2 days

Purrbaby I'm so sorry for you. It sounds like your dad is a jerk to put it mildly. You should keep your son away from him. Don't give your dad the chance to hurt your son. I don't mean physically, but emotionally. I think you should stay away from him as well. You don't need that BS in your life, especially right now. You will be OK. You dad is the one who's messed up. Just remember that you don't need that in your life, even if he is your father. I know it is hard, but it would be better for you. Why do people have to hurt other people? Especially family? He must be a very sad, insecure, selfish person to say what he says to you. You are NOT lazy, as you know. How dare he!! Well, obviously I'm getting riled up already and I should stop. It just makes me so angry that parents can think it's alright to treat their kids the way they do. Where is the love and compassion? Once again, I'm sorry to hear of your situation and hope you feel better soon.

Molly H.