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Re: Ok I have to rant about the last 2 days

Thanks ya'll. After a rather large amount of chocolate and a warm bath(not too warm!!) I am feeling better. The steam seems to have cleared my chest a little momentarily. Ya'll are right my dad is a jerk. My stepmom has to do everything. She cleans(which is NEVER done right for HIM) cooks and tries to make him happy. Her son won't live with her b/c my dad is mean to him and her daughter is constantly belittled by my dad. I guess it helps her to know he doesn't treat his own kids any better. It is sad b/c I love my stepmom. She is truely a great woman and we talk about EVERYTHING. I hate to lose her over my dad. But I don't want her to feel divided or pulled in any way. I have decided to stay away from my dad. He ruined his last chance. I'm just glad my in laws are half way normal. I can't stand one of my sister in laws...and my 18 year old niece is still tripping over the fact that her aunt is 19..which I can't blame her. I guess things can only go up from here. Maybe if I'm lucky hubby will give me a back rub. Lord knows I need one!! Thanks for the support. I really had to rant about that LITTLE issue!

Smile, life doesn't last that long.