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Re: temps and implantation cramping

Just a question for you...where were your temps before ovulation? Mine were in the 96's and low 97's. They have been going up steading for the past five days and are currently at 97.5 to 97.8 range. I am either coming onto AF or if I am lucky...and I can go at least 10 dpo before AF, I might still have a chance of being pregnant this month. If not, I guess I will know I have a short luteal phase (days between ovulation and AF). I never had implantation bleed with either pregnancy...though maybe what I thought was a period with my second pregnancy was actually that...but I don't think so. I definitely had a complete cycle after getting pregnant. From what I've read, most people do not have implantation bleeding (but I could be wrong). I hope this is your month! Good luck <IMG SRC="">