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Re: a little scared

I don't mean to scare you, but I got pregnant twice, now, using this method. Eight years ago my boyfriend and I were using this method, and the month I got pregnant, we didn't have intercourse anytime near the dates I was expected to ovulate. I'm also pregnant now. I had my IUD removed the begining of November 2001, ovulated 2 weeks later. I didn't get pregnant that month, but then came December. I was calculating my monthly's, and had been doing so for the last year using two different online cycle calculators. Again, we didn't have sex on any day near expected ovulation, but I still go pregnant. Both of them said it was a safe day! And my cycles are pretty regular, average of 28 days. No problem, I'm overjoyed! But I did want to put it off a couple of months. Oh well, I guess there is someone higher up making those decisions.