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I'm almost 9 weeks pregnant, and I had my first nightmare was awful.
I dreamt that I delivered my baby, and it had 2 ears...but they were both on one side of his head. (one was above the other)...well the doctors took him away after delivery, and DH and I were crying...they told me that we could see him in a few hours. So when DH and I finally went down to see him, he was in a toddler bed drinking from sippy cup (he was like a year old, and huge!)...I kept asking why he was so big, and why he was holding his own sippy cup, and the dr. kept saying thats what happens when the babies are born with 2 ears on one was the most awful dream ever. It was so real, and when i woke up my pillow was all wet from sobbing.

Anybody else have weird nightmares like that?

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