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Re: October club - how much have you gained??

I am about the same as you. I am really lucky because I lost 15 pounds 2 years ago, and kept it off. I have 4 pairs of dress pants that I had been meaning to get taken in. In my laziness (and cheapness) I never did, and they fit me perfectly now! Whew. My jeans are just out of the question. I have one pair that fit that were big before. A friend gave me a pair of her old maternity jeans that are good, but the girls at work don't know I am preggo, so I am scared they would see the panel on them. We wear jeans on Fridays here. I know what you mean about being in between. What do we do when we are just bloated?? People are probably whispering: I think Karcia has put on a few pounds!