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Does anyone else feel like this?

Hi everyone. Well, my insomnia went away for one night at least. I got about 6 straight hours of sleep!
Anyway, I am still fearing that I am going to miscarry. For those of you who didn't see my post about that, I miscarried last year in June and we didn't know that the baby had died. I actually never miscarried. I waited and waited but it wouldn't come out. Anyway, I eventually had a D&C about a month later. But the whole time I had pregnancy symptoms, even when the fetus was dead. So now I am worried again. My point to this was to ask if anyone goes through days where they don't feel pregnant. My breasts are still enlarged and I am still moody, but other than that, and the insomnia which dissappeared last night, I don't feel pregnant. I will be 10 weeks on Saturday. I have an appointment next Thursday, so we'll see if it's ok. I had a viability ultrasound at 7W 6D and the heart was beating. I don't know why I feel like this, but I can't stop worrying. I guess it goes with being pregnant. I will stop worrying about miscarriage if I make it to the next trimester, but then I'm sure I'll find something else to worry about. I guess I am more venting than anything, but I would really love it if someone could tell me that they too have days when they don't feel pregnant. Thanks everyone.

Molly H.

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