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Cramping already...anyone know why?

Hello gals....It's Miss Paranoid here! I have a question....I dont know if I'm posting to the right board, maybe I'm not allowed in here until I "get" pg. ??? But I'm hoping some of you that are PG could relate and let me know if what I'm feeling is normal?

I think I "O" yesterday (Thurs) because I had a faint line on that funny stick! Now this morning, it was a little bit darker. DH and I had BD last night and since I got up this morning I'm feeling really REALLY crampy in the front/lower abdomin. Why? Is this bad?

I just finished my first month Of 100mg/Clomid about a week ago, could this be causing me to "feel" ovulation or something? I had 1 17mm foli on the left and 4 smaller ones on the right could that be bothering me?

Or, the worst of all questions, could it be possible that the Endo is coming back and that's what I feel? I'm making myself sick because my Doc told me we really had until March and then he couldn't guarantee that I could get or maintain a pg due to the Endo and may have to start another round of LUPRON. I DONT want to go that direction! When I'm taking the pill, supposedly the Endo stays under control. But each month that I have AF, it may get worse.

Anyone know whats happening to Freak girl? Because I'm already worried and that ovary hasn't even had a chance to complete it's job???? H E L P ???? -J

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