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Re: What do you think?

Hi NJMom <IMG SRC="">

My husband and I were trying to conceive back in October. My period was due around November 17th and before that date I noticed slight changes in my body. I got really sick around Hallowe'en and could not stop throwing up (sorry). Then I noticed that my breasts - they didn't get sore but I noticed the nipples were a lot larger and tender.

Like you, according to websites online I experienced what is known as implantation spotting. I woke up and had a brown discharge on my underwear. Then the day my period was due, whenever I wiped I just had VERY little red spotting - nothing at all like my normal heavy, crippling periods.

I tried taking various pregnancy tests but was unable to come up with anything but a FAINT positive until I tried Confirm a week after my pregnancy was due. I'm now proud to say my husband and I are 12 weeks pregnant and expecting our first child July 25th, 2002. <IMG SRC="">

Best of luck to you!