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Re: What do you think?

Hi there. If you say you had sex on the 28th, then you should be able to take a test now. Some are a lot more sensitive than others. If you want to see a chart on the ones that are most sensitive, (can detect level of 20, which can be taken they claim 6-8 days after conception), look up pregnancy test comparisons in your search bar. There are actually a lot that you can buy that have that level. First Response Early Result is one. But take it from me, you might want to wait about a week more, so you don't get that almost not there positive result which will make you want to do more tests. You can spend a lot of money. I took a test (actually several) about 8 days after I believe we conceived and I got a very, very faint positive. So your best bet is to wait until you don't get confusing results. You can, however, have a blood test done for about 50 bucks, maybe more or less depending, and they are able to read a positive 6-8 days after conception. Good Luck.

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