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stretch marks...again

With my daughter i went from 107 lbs to 156 lbs, and she was a big, overdue baby. Needless to say, in the last few weeks, I got stretch marks on my abdomen. Lots of them. Fortunately, 99 percent of them were low enough that I could still wear a 2 piece swimsuit, and noone could see em. This time around, Im afraid I will get more. I can live with what I have, but I would hate to get them higher up, thus condemning me to the dreaded one-piece swimsuit forever. I know its petty and vain, but I started out as a single mom (married now for all you who dont know) and looking good was important to me and still is. I exercise, eat right, and all that. My weight gain with my daughter was pretty much all baby, as I lost it right away. Ive been advised by some jerky doctor to just try to gain less weight, but how do I do that when none of my last weight gain was excess body fat??? I just seem to grow big babies. I would rather have a big healthy baby and some more stretch marks when it comes down to it. But ugh!!!! I hate em anyway.

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