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Re: "Unexplained" infertility?

I had an early miscarriage (around six weeks) and when I got pregnant again my doc tested me for ureaplasma and it came back positive! He said that bacteria can be the cause of infertility or early miscarriages. Me and my dh both had to take some antibiotics when I was 14 weeks. (Why he didn't test me BEFORE I got pregnant, I don't know....)But I guess over 40% of women have this baceteria. I know its not an STD either, becuase neither me or my dh has ever had another sexual partner ever.

Anyways...My friend and her dh had one baby right away after marriage, now they have been trying for over two years and no baby! They have been diagnosed with "unexplained infertility" too which is doubly confusing since they had a baby five years ago. Luckily, they are a military family and get all the infertillity treatment free.