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Re: Is this a + or -

Lemme tell ya, I was laying on a side reading a book one night and my husband reached around and gave me a hug. I thought I would die from the tendernessin my breasts. I thought back to my lmp and said "Gosh, I think I might be pregnant" (though I hadn't missed my period yet). He told me to take anold hpt that had been in my drawer forever. I did, and got a VERY faint line. Nah, I thought, no way. But I wasn't going to get any sleep until I tried another. So, I went to Walmart at like 11pm, and bought a double pack. Took one when I got home, and sure enough, anothr faint line. Took the last in the am (just for good measure) and, you guessed it, another faint line. I am thinking that since it was SOOO early in my pg, that's why I got the faint line. I'm 4 1/2 mos now.