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To everyone whos been by my side...

Thats what you are all to me-you are like my family away from home, Lovely me how did you cope with your dh and the affair, do you still think about it? And as for everyone else-i know that some point in our lives we all go through hard times-some befor others and some not as bad as others but they are still memories that cant be put away for quite some time-i have come to know all of you as friends and family, as the people the god have been by my side even for such a short time-you have all touched my heart and been like little angels talking to me-god made all of you for a reason and he does what he does to us for a reason-strength, happiness, sadness...i dont know how anyone could get throught it without people like you by my side. These past couple of days i have done something that i havent done for 4 years-i wrote a small story i guess you could call it???-something that i stopped doing because of a previous relationship:this is from me to all of you:

An Answer to gods prayers

God has put us on this earth to take care of the ones that we love and to love the ones that we take care of. He gave us the gift of life and then granted us with the gift of death. Now some people wonder how god could go on and grant us with the gift of death after giving us the gift of life, but only few peolpe have come to realize the answer to taht question. It is not because he wanted to make up for our differances or take away a specail part of us even take it away if he thought that he could make us perfect, but to tell us that he wants us to be differant and that he creates us differant for a reason. We were created this way to bring life into this world, to make life, and to give love. If you think about the hard times each realtionship has come through you only think about what might happen but i am looking at it this way-Not only did god create the lives in this world but he made them specail in a way that takes a lifetime to learn-he created a women to bring life-a man to love a women to complete that life. And that today is our anwser to gods prayers-we were all created for a reason rather it be life or love-so if you look at yourself and wonder why god does what he does you need to take one more step back and think about this-in gods eyes were all perfect and he made us for a reason, now our adventure through life is to find out what our perfect reason for living is. Gods little ones that are brought into this world to early and then taken without even actually seeing the world are his little angels up stairs-they are our creations-

you are all one of gods creations and he grants us with differant asspects that take affect at differant times but when our little angels are ready to be sent from heaven we will know and that is why god grants us with the gift to love-to make it and follow it through life on its little adventure

I love you guys-if this doesnt make sence i am sorry, but i do hope that you all see what i am saying

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