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Re: To everyone whos been by my side...

That was so empathetic and sweet.

As for the affair(s) it took me by storm. I was rocked! To say the least I was just absolutely mortified! I could not understand why someone would do this to ME. I am good and loving and nurturing. We (the other woman and I) actually got together and went to "their" apartment together. When she opened the door and he saw BOTH of us together ready to rip him apart he was the one MORTIFIED. HA. So looking back at Christmas video of 2001 and so on you know pictures of things together during a time I was oblivious to him cheating and now knowing that in those picutres and videos he was deceiving me and our daughters.....kills me. It does get easier hun and I am living proof of how strong you end up becoming. I did not take him back at first. I made him sulk and wait and be alone living in his car to think about his stupidity. Then his mother took his a$$ in (condoner). Well love prevailed, but not before we have dooked it out, fought it out, yelled it out, cried it out, and he did things that made him realize he was foolish. A close and first time death just hit him hard and also woke him up like a bolt of lightning. Can I also add...alot of prayer. I still know I don't even pray enough as I should and so I need to make more of an effort to keep God knowing that I DO appreciate his love and mercy. These husbands should be so thankful that we had mercy on them as well.

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