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Re: Hypochondria

Hi! I agree with the above poster about getting overheated. Also, alcohol is dehydrating, and you were probably a bit dehydrated also, that in combination with overheating can cause that. Have you tried cognitive behavior therapy for your anxiety/panic? There's a fairly inexpensive book by Dr. David Burns called "The Feeling Good Handbook" which is very good, as is his book "Feeling Good, The New Mood Therapy". CBT really helped me with my anxiety/panic. This time last year I was going crazy (or thought so anyway) now I can actually live with this. Best of luck to you!


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Jason, I sympathize with you, my husband is like that also. He wouldn't know anxiety if it slapped him in the face, and thinks people should just get over it. I've learned to just let it slide and take care of me. Good luck!<p>[This message has been edited by Cat54 (edited 09-26-2001).]