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i think my ob/gyn made a mistake

i am 4 months pregnant and have been seeing the same ob/gyn since i was 6 weeks pregnant. hes a very sweet man but i think he made a mistake with a medication he prescribed for me. i have a bladder infection and he said he was prescribing antibiotics for me. so i went to the pharmacy and when i got home i noticed it was sulfatrim, i know from previous experience that sulfa is not safe during pregnancy so i called the pharmacy, the pharmacyst said that he would not recomend this drug either as it was catagory c and that there are safer drugs out there. i then called the doctor and he asured me that this drug is safe and hes been using it for years on his pregnant patients and he would in no way harm me or my baby and to trust him. well after reading more on this drug im sorry but i will not take it. i am now looking into a different ob/gyn. has anyone here taking this drug? should i trust this doc? even if books and the pharmacyst say dont take it??

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