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Re: i think my ob/gyn made a mistake

thats exactly what the pharmacyst said. but when i called the doctor and told him that the pharmacyst recomended a different safer drug he said oh that is a very expensive drug and the one i prescribed is 100% safe. i have insurance so it wouldnt cost me a dime. and no sulfa is not 100% safe it caused fetal deformities in rats and mice and was not tested on humans. im never going back to him. he also said one thing awhile ago, im scheduled for a c section and i asked him where the c section incision would be since i already had a c section before so i wondered if the new incision would be over the old one and he said he would "erase" the old scar doing plastic surgery and make another incision under it. this sounded a little weird to me but i let it go so to speak. where would the second insision be??