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Re: i think my ob/gyn made a mistake

i just made an appointment with another doctor one that my family has been using for years now. (hes located a distance away that is why i didnt go to him and found one closer to my home instead) my appointment isnt for another 2 weeks unfortunetly <IMG SRC="">
and that was a sqeeze in they origionally told me a month from now! as for my bladder infection im drinking plenty of water and cranberry juice, i dont even feel like i have a bladder infection. all i did was tell the doctor i have been having lower pain in the front and back and he said its a bladder infection, he didnt test my urine though. i do go peepee alot lol but without any burning at all. so i think i can hold out for 2 weeks without meds.

i am due august 2 <IMG SRC="">