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Re: i think my ob/gyn made a mistake

I think I *might* know what he is talking about ("plastic surgery"). If a repeat c-section is to be done on someone, doctors will usually cut you open and take out the baby just like usual, going through, or JUST below or above the old scar line. Once the baby is out, and they've started to do all of the routine clean-up on you, they actually remove the old scarring. After everything has been so stretched, it makes no difference to the surrounding area to remove a little bit of scarring/tissue. By doing this it reduces the risk of rupture during later pregnancys because of repeat incisions through the same spot, and if in the future you become pregnant with multiples, it gives you a better chance to avoid having a vertical incision (sometimes they have to do them, because the risk of rupturing the uteris by cutting through the old scarring is too high and can result in hemmorage, hystorectomy <didn't spell that right>, and sometimes death), rather than the now usual "bikini line" cut.

That's the only thing I can think of that could be referred to as "plastic surgery".

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