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Re: **October Due Date Club**

My first appt. is actually 2/25, but its only to talk with one of the nurses and go over my/dh's family medical history. I'm not sure what else that appt. will consist of? I'm sure just a lot of talking...

On 3/18 I will have my first ultrasound and they will be able to hear the heartbeat (God willing!). By then I will be 12 weeks along, so I will hopefully be out of the "danger zone." However, I know I will still be a nervous wreck my whole pregnancy because I know anything can happen at anytime. I just think once I hear this little peanuts heartbeat, I will feel very relieved.

I don't have that pregnancy glow that many women claim to get either. I even had to break down and buy some make-up (foundation) this weekend. I hate wearing makeup other than eye liner and mascara....I just hate the way foundation feels on my skin. But, at this point I don't really have a choice! Maybe we will get out "glow" in our 2nd trimester...

Ha - Wishful thinking!

It will all be worth it in the end!! We just have to keep telling ourselves that! <IMG SRC="">

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