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Re: New moms thread!!

Belize........... I'm sooooooooo jealous! WOW! You have something to look forward to!

Well Robert hasn't been doing to good on the sleeping. I get about 2.5 hour spurts at night. He is still in the bassinet but, lately has been sleeping in our bed as he sleeps a little bit longer in my bed. I will probably move him to his crib once he starts sleeping in 5 hour spurts or if he starts sitting or pulling up (whichever comes first probably at 3 months old). He also has been having a lot of fussy time lately (for 4 hour spurts) where nothing makes him happy other than sucking my breasts (sometimes even that doesn't work and he pulls and yanks them, OUCH!).

He was 1 month old on Sunday and we had a birthday cake for him (I put munchkins and ice cream sandwiches and whip cream and cherries in the form of a cake). He loved the whip cream! I know, unsafe but he really loved it!

My 4 year old is over his strep throat so at least no more worries there and my dh is also better. We are still snowed in (I have a 12 foot pile of snow in front of my house and I can't see the street from the first floor). We got about 28 inches and more snow is coming!!!!!!!! The kids should hopefully be back to school tomorrow except the corners for the bus stops are soooooo unsafe (you cant see around the bends). I will have to flag the bus down tomorrow from the road and not the corner.

I hope everyone is doing well as this is basically my only companion lately. I feel so claustrophobic being stuck at home! I need to get out!!!!!!!! I need to see adults!!!!!!!!!!!!! Take me Away (to Belize sounds real nice)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Got to go bf.

PS When are we cutting our life line from this board? I feel like a board junky!!!!! I think I will be cutting ties in a month or so.