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Re: New moms thread!!

I am not doing well at all. After Kai's nice little incident with the formula allergy, I had to cut way back on what I was eating. So I was eating mostly noodles and chicken. Well, we took Kai for testing yesterday, and he is not only severely allergic to milk protien, he is also allergic to soy and wheat. No more noodles for me <IMG SRC=""> No margarine, no cereal, no sauces, no anything that might remotely have dairy or soy or wheat. Kai screams from gas and abdominal pains, and breaks out in rash when I even think of eating these things. I am so hungry I want to cry.

As for Kai, as long as I only eat potatoes and chicken, he is happy. His foot is doing so well, he only has one cast left. In 4 weeks he will be all done with the correction portion of his treatment, and will only need a brace to keep it from relapsing.

Kai is getting so big! I hate being "tied" to him all the time, but I couldnt be tied to a cuter little guy!

Well, catch everyone later. I am in a hunger-induced bad mood right now, so ....

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