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Re: New moms thread!!

Hey Angel, I know I'm not a new mom, but I was reading your post and it reminded me of a little girl that I have in church. This poor kid was allergic to EVERYTHING. Soy, dairy, nuts, sugar, citrus, tomatoes, most fruits except for bananas... it goes on and on, not to mention household cleaners, dust, and any animals. Her allergy to strawberries is so severe she breaks out in a hivey rash if she they touch her! I know her mother, who breastfed all her other kids couldn't breastfeed her because she couldn't seem to cut all of the allergens out of her diet. They had to switch her to a SUPER expensive hypoallergenic formula. The good news is, she's now 4 and seems to be outgrowing the severity of a lot of them. Her doctors seem to think that she will outgrow some of them completely. So, hang in there.... you may have some hope with your little Kai.