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Re: New moms thread!!


I feel so sorry for you but, at least Kai will be healthier now. Robert is also very gassy and has EXPLOSIVE poops and I am wondering if he may have allergies too (he also poops about 12x/day).

Glad to hear that he only has one more casting to go.

I have a friend whos 3 year old is also severely allergic to almost everything and he always has bad skin rashes as they find more and more things he is allergic to. She had to even stop bf when he was 2 months. It's hard but, like everything they are used to it now. He eats some fruits and a few vegatables and they need to give him daily vitamin supplements as he can't get the nutrition he needs from the foods that he can tolerate.

I have a girlfriend (the mother of the child above thanks her stars now when she found out our other friends daughters problems) who's 2nd child has a disease that only 150 people in the US have where her daughter produces ammonia when she eats proteins. It could have killed her if they didn't find it out. No boy has lived more than 6 months with it and all the children who have it have other mental dysfunctions. Thankfully, her daughter has no other obvious issues (the only one in the medical books). She was only throwing up all the time and everything else was normal. They found out when she was 2.5 years old that her body was constantly being poisoned. Of course this was after they had to pester the doctors to send them to specialists. It took 5 specialists before she was properly diagnosed. It is a genetic disorder that passes maternally (as no boy has lived). The doctors say that the other dysfunctions may be because often the disease is not caught and the body is poisoned so badly that the other dysfunctions and brain damage develop. They aren't sure but, hopefully this is the case and they caught it prior to the disease progression. This kid is also severely limited in her foods that she can eat. I'm not sure why I told you this one? In some way I think I just want you to realize how good you really have it?

Well I hope all is getting better and that Kai does outgrow all of these allergies.