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to all you TTC!!!!!

Okay, hope I don't step on toes here, and not sure if I should be sending this in, but here we go. I'm big into herbs, and natural medicine and can say that I've done this cleanse before and I don't know why it wouldn't help you guys get preg. It is a herbal aid for the female reprodutive organs... in other words it rebuilds your ovaries, fallopian tubes, uterus, etc. If these organ possibly not be working to well in you body? If you think that is the case then this should be able to help you. I went from having HEAVY,HEAVY, 14 day long, throwing up, bed ridden kind of periods, some times I would skip 2 months and look out for the next one. Only codine would take some relief from the cramps. After I did this cleanse, I had 4 day long, regular, little or no cramps and I was a totally new person. So try if you wish, I'm not saying it's cheap, but well worth it for me, just for the relief of AF, maybe this could help you.

3 parts Golden seal root
1 part Blessed thistle
1 part Cayenne
1 part Cramp bark
1 part False unicorn root
1 part Ginger
1 part Red raspberry leaves
1 part Squaw vine
1 part Uva ursi

I left out the False unicorn, because it's about $175.00 per pound.... YIKES!!!! I just took these herbs in these amounts and ground them up in a coffee grinder, filled the capsules. I took 6 a day for 90 days, and it worked for me, but I do know you can take more than 6 in a day. I put my mom on these and she was going through the change and it helped her SO much but she took it for 120 days. Hope his helps, tell me if any of you guys try it and if it works for you. Baby Dust
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