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Re: to all you TTC!!!!!

Well, I know I'm not offended <IMG SRC=""> I am glad we got on this subject. It may sound silly, but I drink a lot of herbal tea, and was wondering if it would have any neg effect. Or, like you were talking about the vitex, I will try anything that will help me get pg!! By the way, where do you find vitex? Do you get it from a health food store? Or can it be found at any drugstore? Is it prescription???? I am interested in finding out more info. I will do a search on it when I am done here and see if I can find something.

As to the pages that I said earlier, they were from the newer version of tcoyf, I should be getting mine by the 14th. Hopefully I will find good info on the subject. I wish it wasn't taking them so long to ship it to me, I am getting impatient!!! (more excited actually) I just hope it will help out.

I have a quick question, to those of you who are charting, how many days average do you stay at the same temp right after o ? (another thing where I am too impatient to wait for the book) I know everyone is different, but if you could just give me and idea, I would appreciate it. Thanx