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Re: to all you TTC!!!!!

Thanx for the info ladies. I have just started charting, but it was in the middle of my cycle. It turns out that dh and I bd on the day that I o-ed this cycle. We were using the ovusoft program and with all of the information I gave, it said I should have o-ed on the 4th, but according to my body signs (fluid, and cervix) I had o-ed 3 days earlier, and we had already bd-ed on that day??? But, my temp had been 97.9 for a few days, and today it was 97.7. I had a messed up period last month, I only spotted for one day, skipped a day, then barely spotted for one more day. I have NEVER had that happed before. I took a hpt, but it was - <IMG SRC=""> Ithink I am going to get an ovulation detector so I can compare it to when I think I am o-ing. This sucks!