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concerned about h/b

I went in for vaginal ultrasound which i though was 7-1/2 weeks, saw a fetal pole, no h/b but was told sac and baby was mesuring 6 weeks. dr. is concerned and said not to be too optimistic if we don't hear h/b by next week. go back on monday to do another u/s.

My question is this: if sac is 6 week size and so is baby, does that mean that if i really am 7-1/2 weeks that the sac and the baby stopped growing at 6 weeks? the u/s sound 5 days earlier showed i was 5 weeks along? or can both things grow regardless of whether you lost the baby or not.

he also says my progesterone is very low *11.2 and that my hcg did not double in 2 days = from 17,000 to 22,300.

Has anyone not seen a heartbeat until 8 weeks on vaginal or been off by a week and ahalf and had everything turn out okay?

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