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Re: Possible pregnancy? Please read.

You are right about one thing you are too young to have a child and if you don't want one the only real way to keep from having one is NOT to have sex. If you aren't ready for the responsibility that comes with having a child then you should not do the deed. You are still a child yourself and do not have the resources to raise a child. I have a friend who was 15 when she got preg. and she has had a VERY rough time. I read somewhere that the female body is not fully developed and ready to carry a child until 21. Now that I have said that I will answer the rest of your post. The chances you are preg. are slim to none. If you are really worried take a test and then move on. I truely hope this little scare has persuaded you to rethink your lifestyle. Since you realize you are not ready for a child maybe you don't need to have sex. There are many guys out there who respect girls who don't have sex. Abnstaining from sex until you are mature and stable enough to handle another human life is wise and gives you time to live your own life. Take a look at hillarynotclinton's post on single has great insight.

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