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Re: How do I handle this?

This is interesting to me because although I am currently pregnant I'm going through a similar thing. I wonder 1st of all, how much of this has to do with age. dh is 38 and we have never had problems in the past but recently he seems disinterested. He was recently on some meds that had sexual side affects. He says once he tries and fails it's like he's scared to try again. He's had some things on his mind regarding our business troubles etc. So maybe that is part of it. Sometimes I wonder if he's not attracted to me because of my figure but last two pregnancies were no problem in that dept. I wish I had advice but frankly I'm looking for some myself. It's hard not to take it personally, especially when your hormonal to begin with. Good luck to you and if I have any suggestions in the future I'll certainly keep you in mind.