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Gestational Age Question

Hello, hello.
Quick question regarding gestational age. I had an ultrasound early in pregnancy and was told the fetus was 7 weeks 1 day in age based on size, etc. Our due date was adjusted accordingly, as the 7 weeks determination wasn't in synch with my LMP. Now after my most recent ultrasound (at 17 weeks) I was told the baby is 1 week 4 days older than we were originally told, putting us towards the end of our 18th week instead. Before we re-adjust our due date a 3rd time, which ultrasound is more accurate? I've read that the earlier ultrasounds are more accurate and that I should stick with the 7 week ultrasound results, but a few doctors are stating otherwise. Is my baby just a big boy for his age or are we really further along than we thought? Any advice/info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!! <IMG SRC="">

baby #1 - boy, EDD - 06/27/02, 07/04/02, 07/12/02????

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