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the plot thickens

If you haven't read the miscarriage at 10 weeks post, you might want before you reply to this one.. 2 negative pregnancy tests, one blood, one urine..both at the ob/gyn's show up the day they hear a well as a negative hpt a few days prior...
THE PLOT THICKENS, lol..she has spotted today...EXTREMELY light and very dull colored, light you could of missed it and never noiced....very, very faint, and its color is a extremely dull orange-pink...theres about the amount of a pencil eraser, very faint, every time she urinates... she says it is nothing like the start of a period because it happen last night and she noticed it by chance...and a couple times today..if it was her period she would be flowing dark heavy blood ....

is it possible if they heard the fetal heartbeat the same days she was getting - pregnancy tests that she just has strange hormones? I've heard of some women delivering a full-term baby one night and never knowing they were pregnant to begin with, rare, but it happens....

any input?

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