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Re: the plot thickens

You really need to get your wife to an ultrasound. And you need to find a doctor who will explain your questions. Maybe there is an exception where the hcg levels drop off this early, but I don't think that happens until the 7th month. By then if a pregnant woman takes a test it will come back negative. I am so sad to hear that the heart is still beating and yet the pregnancy looks non viable. I've been in the opposite situation where there was no heartbeat, but I thought I was pregnant because all the signs were there, and we had previously heard the heartbeat. I have never heard of a preg test coming back negative when the heart is still beating. Let us know how it goes, and if it indeed means she will miscarry, please know we are hear to listen to your sadness and help. We've been there (at least some of us have).

Molly H.