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Re: Hydroxycut vs. Xenadrine

Hi hockeymom
Well first of all my sis is on antidepressant and she was told not to take any diet pills while on them...I would ask u please ask ur doctor in regards to that cause I am can't give u any personal advice on that subject.
Yes I do take the Hydroxycut with Ephedrine the only real side effects I have had from it is sometimes (not everday) i get really nervous and shaky after taking them...witch yes I think that has to do with the Ephedrine....I myself am trying to find something else to take with no Ephedrine in it....for instance the Xenadrine..if u could would u let me know how that is working for u and if u have had any side effects from the Ephedrine free Xenadrine?
For a Typical day meals in the morning I usually eat a bowl of Special K with skim milk,( iknow its not the best milk but its good for you) and a piece of toast....For lunch I eat some kind of salad sometimes a regular one sometimes a grilled chicken one and a cup of fruit or yogurt.....For dinner like last night I had a grilled Chicken breast a cup of green beans and a lil bit of squash (i am not so sure how good squash is to eat while on a diet) but thats what my hubby cooked so i ate then for my snacks i have a banana or a few carrots.....well that what i try to eat....not sure how much it will help u but it has done pretty good for me .......Best of luck to you and let me know how ur doing.....Have a great day

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