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Re: Thyroid nodule & gray mass

Thank you so much for your reply. I did go ahead and have the cervical spine surgery and recovering very well. As far as the thyroid problem, I'm still very confused. My regular doctor told me prior to surgery that he went over the ultrasound with the radiologist and, they did not see a nodule, and therefore would not be doing a biopsy during my surgery. He said that what they were seeing could be residue? left over from thyroiditis. I had the surgery two weeks ago and two days ago received a call from my reg. doctor telling me I needed schedule a thyroid scan so they could determine what is going on w/my thyroid. I met with the surgeon today for a post-op appt. and he said that a scan really needs to be done to rule out cancer. I'm also having severe rib pain. A bone scan revealed uptake in the rib area and they are not quite sure if it is a fractured rib or something else. This is all very confusing. The Ultrasound technician did get in a bit of trouble for telling me about the gray mass she saw. She knew I was having the surgery and I think she felt I should know about that. Anyway, I'm getting very mixed messages from the doctors, nothing straight-forward. I think I should go to the endo. who treated me for thyroiditis. I've moved so she's an hour away but its pry worth the trip just to get a straight answer from someone who knows what they're talking about. I'm just so tired of doctors now! Anyway, I'll keep you posted.
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