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Re: Thyroid nodule & gray mass

Thanks again for your response. I've pulled out my old thyroid records (two viral thyroiditis after pregnancy)
and am going to go back to my endo. I saw 12 years ago. I have lots of confidence in her and that is important.
My thyroid feels a little larger than usual and I'm hoping its not a on a growing spree since I just had surgery and I'm afraid the stitches will far apart as the lump gets lumpier. Now wouldn't that just be my luck <IMG SRC="">. Also, my abdomen is very swollen and the lower right part of my abdomen has a big lump. I'm not sure what that's about - a little bit of pain there when walking otherwise it does not hurt. Are there any types of thyroid problems that cause abdominal swelling?
Hope everyone is doing well today, beautiful day here in California. It's really hard to stay put on days like this!
Wishing everyone peace and better health!
Lynn Marie