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Re: Thyroid nodule & gray mass

Regarding my abdomen, it is swollen all over and on the lower right there is another lump that looks kind of like a sausage. I have a little pain when I walk and sometimes the pain shoots down into my groin and upper leg. The swelling has been there for about 2 months but the lump is new. I called my Doctors office and they can't get me in until Thurs. What's discouraging is that an ultrasound a few months back showed a cyst on my ovarie, a bone scan shows uptake in my upper rib area (they're not sure if its a fracture or something else) an ultrasound showed something going on with my Thyroid yet it's been months and I have no answers.

I'd be interested to find out if anyone has had a lump such as this on the abdomen relating to a thyroid problem.

Thanks everyone!
Lynn Marie