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Getting worse

Things are getting so much worse. My depression has gotten worse lately. The nausea fom the meds kept getting worse so I quit taking them yesterday. What I don't understand is how a doctor can prescribe a med for you when they really haven't taken the time to really know exactly what is going on in your head. Yes, I have depression, and yes, I get anxiety attacks. But why can't they take the time to really help you? I mean, most of the ones I've met seem more intent on seeing how many patients they can see in one day, rather than taking valuable time to really help. I know it's just the money to them so they can have their fancy houses, cars, and all those things most people cannot afford.
I really need someone to talk to. And no offense to anyone here, but I need someone I can talk to IN PERSON!! But more than anything, I need to know that they really care. But unfortunately, I am real good at reading body language and facial expressions. And I also have a great deal of understanding about psychology. I don't trust doctors 'cause I was molested by one when I was in my early teens. I hurt so bad right now. I'm at work (the only place I have Net access) and it's so difficult to do anything. I've almost cried twice at my desk and spent an hour in my boss's office crying (I have a very understanding boss). While I should be thankful for such a boss, I don't feel that way.
I just hurt sooo bad. I want this to go away. I gotta go. Talk soon ( and don't worry, I'm not suicidal - yet).

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